Preserving a brain

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  1. We have some frozen lamb brains from Samples for Schools which are generally just used for dissection but someone now wants to preserve one. Do you think it will just be ok to defrost it and then preserve in Opresol? The teacher has given me a complex list of methods but i'm going for the path of least resistance :D
  2. Opresol is not a fixative. You'll need ot soak it in 3% Methanal for a week or so beforehand.
  3. Thank you! :)
  4. The recipes are all in the CLEAPSS recipe book. That's how I do mine for our psychology department
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    Will that work for my brain ? ;)
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  6. Doubt it Dod, with the number of years you have spent as a tech your brain will have shrivelled to nothing. ;):D
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  7. Thank you! Never even thought to look in the recipe book - finally losing the plot :D
  8. :D:D:D