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    Thank you to those who have already created or joined a Group here.
    Group creators - don't forget to check regularly for requests to join!

    If you run a science technician network in your area, creating a Group with us gives you an online, free and easily accessible platform for you to share documents, agendas, photos and files with your network members. You can create events on an online calendar and have private conversations with your members on your very own forum area.

    If you run a science event such as a technician conference, you could create a Group for that too, or if you just want to create a general science interest Group, you are now able to do this.

    Creating a Group is quick and easy. Group owners are responsible for allowing new members to join their Group as they are in the real world and this new free service is open to any school science staff anywhere in the world.

    Have a browse of the Groups that have already been created by our members here:

    If you are a technician in any of these Group areas (North Kent, Hampshire, Central England, South East Kent, Surrey, Northern Ireland, South Wales, Pembrokeshire, Cornwall or the North East of England) you may wish to join the online version of any of these regional networks.

    We have created a quick video tutorial showing the benefits of Groups and how to create one here:

    We also have created several online tutorials showing how to create and moderate a Group here:

    Here is an example Group where you can see all the standard Group features. We have created this Group for testing purposes, so feel free to have a play around with this Group, post images or text or create forum threads:

    If you have any issues when creating or moderating a Group, or would like more information, email us at or message us here: @prepAdmin

    As always, our features are only as useful as the technicians who use them so please have a browse of our new Groups section and consider taking part whenever you can.

    We feel that EVERY technician can benefit from being in a network of likeminded colleagues so if you are not already part of one, why not create a new online Group with us?
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