Prepared slides AQA GCSE

I need to buy a set of prepared slides for the required practicals. So far the teacher has suggested :
root ts
root tip
stem ts
leaf ts

Anything else I should order?
For the microscopy required practical it is a bit vague in stating just plant or animal cell slides so it's really up to the individual to choose which they think will do the job. Here they prefer Ligustrum for the plants and trachea for the animal - they just sifted through what we already have and chose those. Ask those concerned if there is anything they would prefer :)
Root tip _showing mitosis_ (ties in with reproduction, this at cellular level)

Dicot stem, showing secondary thickening. (ties in with organisation, although you could equally use simple stem sections showing differentiated tissue such as transport celss)

A few types of epithelial tissue (they have to draw plant and animal cells)

Stage micrometers and eyepiece graticules. (need to show some form of scale)
We use various as I have the slides listed on the computer system so each teacher knows what is available. Majority seem happy with just leaf slides, algae, intestine and epithelial slides. The root tip slides they wanted to keep for y12 and 13.
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