preparation of ethyl ethanoate practical

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm prepping the above practical and am about to make the saturated sodium carbonate solution. Does it matter if I use anhydrous or hydrated Na2CO3? TIA
  2. Don't think it matters but it may take more of the hydrated. Not a fully fledged chemist so not 100% sure. Have a go. :)
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  3. Me neither Sharon, thanks will try it out..
  4. No it doesn't matter. I'd probably use the hydrated form though as I have more of that (it must be cheaper!)
  5. Hi Liz. The purpose of using the sodium carbonate is to neutralise the acid. Since the solution you are making needs to be saturated you could use either. However since you are adding an aqueous solution (often used because adding the anhydrous powder to the equilibrium is too vigorous - too much carbon dioxide) to the equilibrium it will affect the position of equilibrium and the yield. Good luck and have fun!:);):rolleyes:
  6. Hi everyone, thanks so much for the advice :)
  7. No, it doesn't matter which you use. CLEAPSS Recipe Book 80 tells you how much of either the solid anhydrous or hydrated sodium carbonate you'll need to make a saturated solution.

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