Precise determination of the Equivalance Point in a Titration

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  1. When we perform a titration we add an Indicator (unless performing a Conductometric, Potentiometric titration) which changes colour at the endpoint. Students often mistakenly think that the enpoint is the same as the equivalence point. Moreover, detecting the colour changes for Indicators like Bromocresol Green, Methyl Orange and Bromothymol Blue can be very subjective. If we want to accurately determine the equivalence point we need to determine the First (and preferably) the Second Derivative. Here the equivalence point occurs at pH 8.315, the volume of titrant used was 21.41 mL giving a molarity of 0.08966 mol/L. I hope that some of you may find this useful. Finally when you do this you van add indicator and not the pH when the colour change and compare this with the true equivalnce point. This will reinforce students understanding.:);)

    Determination of equivalence point.png
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