Precipitate in ammonia bottles

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  1. Hi all,

    Our bench solutions of Ammonia (2M) have been developing a precipitate.

    Have any of you had this problem?

    I have been filtering out the precipitate but any insight into what might be causing this would be very welcome.

    Thanks in advance Ammonia precipitate.JPG
  2. Could be Ammonium Carbonate. Why not filter and wash the precipitate then perform Anion Tests? Could be a Real World Chemistry Problem for your students to solve.:D
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  3. Dod


    :D What would one put on a Hazcard, which poison, toxic, harmful, radioactive labels need be applied and as for what to put in a risk assessment would be anybodys guess.
  4. ?
  5. Dod


    Risk assessment :- give a completely unknown substance to schoolchildren to identify and hope it has no harmful or dangerous consequences to the environment, them, their unborn offspring.

    That ought to do it.
  6. He means that in school science we shouldn't ever give out a substance to students without knowing what it actually is - even when we do label it "Unknown" we know and have written a risk assessment and method etc for it

    - ah ninja'd
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  7. Ammonium carbonate a compound not to be sniffed at I conclude
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  8. My apologies. I didn't think you all would take it literally, or should I have?:p:p:p
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    Some do, especially me. o_O
  10. Is the solution made up with (hard) tap water?
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  11. Why not get the kids to do it? I would run through it myself to find out what it is and then say I haven't got time and ask some of the 6th formers if they could test it for me during chemistry clinic :D