Power pack trolleys

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  1. WE have class sets ( 15 ) of power packs that are kept on a trolley and moved from room to room dependent on who need them.

    I was looking to purchase a new trolley to store them on .There are several systems out there such as gratnells etc
    Does anywhere have a really good trolley that would recommend?

    The power packs are the flat square one made by IPC

  2. As above, you need to be looking at industrial suppliers rather than educational ones. I can't remember ever seeing a proper heavy duty one in an educational supplier catalogue. A decent one will not be cheap.
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  4. We have several but the latest are the same as the second along top row here. We have two for power supplies like this with nylon wheels, we bought another for a technician trolley and replaced the wheels with solid rubber tyred ones. Excellent trolleys.

  5. We have a few cupboards on casters that came with the lab but you need to fix the casters with proper bolts not the tiny 1cm screws into MDF the that our supplier seemed to think suitable.

  6. Catering suppliers often have a good range of trolleys. Our last ones came from a catering supplier.
  7. We have trolleys like this, not for power packs but one for storing/moving microscopes and 2 more for generally moving equipment to classrooms. Have found them to be very sturdy and easy to manouver, I'm sure they handle power packs without a problem. Several places supply them so shop around for a good price!