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  1. Good morning
    What funnels do you all use on the AQA pondweed required practical. We feel that the plastic ones do not let enough light through but glass ones are too tall to put a test tube over the top. Any recommendations gratefully received.
  2. We have always found the same thing, so have done with funnels altogether. We just use inverted boiling tubes and count bubbles. As long as they are also taught the AQA practical in theory, so no surprises....
  3. We bought a set of funnels with the sole purpose of being used for that practical. We cut the stems down with a glass cutter, flamed them to smooth them off et voila! :)

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  4. We did the same as greyhound maz
  5. Ditto
  6. us too....
  7. We do the same
  8. We use cut down glass funnels and/or tall form beakers.
  9. we use glass funnels and cut down 2l pop bottles
  10. We set up a demo with a funnel, as that's always the image you get in books and exam questions, but get the students to count bubbles on a piece of weed in a boiling tube - much easier to see and no issues with bubbles sticking to the side of the funnel etc. Also easier for them to set up, as they're not trying to get a full boiling tube over the funnel spout.
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  11. This was an old AQA ISA, which works very well and we still use too!
  12. Same
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