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    With the recent demise of the ChemTalk forum where many Australian school science technicians used to hang out, we've had a very welcome influx of Australian technicians. Thank you all for joining!

    Technicians from all over the world are very welcome to use any of our forum areas but we thought we'd add a new forum for matters specific to Australian technicians at least initially to see how it goes. As a UK based website, many of our threads are UK/Europe specific in terms of obtainable equipment, services and support so we thought that a place where Australian technicians can discuss specifics may be useful.

    We are also happy to host any content relevant to Australian technicians on our main resources website at so if anyone has documents or content they want adding let us know. Also we welcome any feedback on this or anything else. Email us at or private message us here by clicking @prepAdmin

    This forum is for general chat and discussion by Australian technicians and the sub-forums above are for more specific Australian discussion (legalities, safety, suppliers, vacancies etc)

    Many thanks,
    The Preproom Team
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    Top work ... I was thinking that yesterday ... be a bit far to get supplies shipped ... Look forward to reading and leaning more ... K8
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  4. Hi Milo how are you? Labbie here
  5. Ah Labbie good to see you! I'm keeping well, how are you enjoying retirement? I've been wondering how to contact ex-ChemTalk folks and I'm sure if anyone knows you would :)
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    That's one of the sad parts about Chemtalk going, was all the contacts I've made over the last few years but having no way of contacting those people as I mostly don't know where they were from or their proper names! You can see I'm a bit uncreative when it comes to making up names!
  7. Are you on facebook ? I am it that helps.
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    Hi Sue
    My problem with the Facebook page, is I don't like mixing work and home. If I sign up to the page, I'll be getting feeds about work when I'm not at work. And the privacy settings on FB always leave me uncomfortable as they seem to change without you knowing. I deliberately keep FB to close friends and some relatives.
  9. IT is a closed group, so only members can see it.
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    Yeah, I get that, but am still concerned with how much of my own FB page other members can see.
  11. Dod


    With me Farcebook = DELETE IMMEDIATELY
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    Ha! You're living up to your title "Grumpy Grandad"! :p
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    My children think I am the incognito author of the "Grumpy Old Men " series of books :)
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    I'm working towards the "Grumpy Old Woman" persona - well, that's what my 18 year old son says!
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    We must be doing something right :)
  16. Hi everyone,
    I have just joined and so good to have an Australian thread (thanks Milo for instigating this). Plus love the emblem as an ex SLAMN committee member to recognise us Aussie's lol. I couldn't believe Chemtalk had disappeared whilst I was on sick leave and all that information and contacts gone....
    Lovely to see you still here Labbie - I will let others know about it too.
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  17. Does anyone know what happened with Chemtalk? Twelve years or more of accumulated and shared information just gone. It was pretty devastating coming back from the mid semester break and finding that I was no longer in touch with the rest of Australia. Darwin can be a long way from anywhere at the best of times. Losing access to all the shared information was crippling. Losing touch with all those knowledgeable lab techs definitely hurt. Also that Chemtalk was listed as a resource by many of the lab tech organisations as well as Science Assist. Doesn't help much now.
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  18. I know it was such a great resource. When I first became a lab assistant in 2007 it was wonderful to have all this info from experienced people especially when I was so new and had no idea about the job. From conversations I have had with other labbies ASET were approached to purchase Chemtalk and when this was not possible it discontinued. I wish I had screen shot a few pages....Very sad to lose such a valuable resource...:(
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  19. Hello preproom team
    Thank you for adding the Aussie page.
    We have added you to our website for our members to join up -
    SETA is the Science Education Technicians Australia.
    Yes - it is sad that Chemtalk folded - such a valuable resource and network tool but then we wouldn't be on here to network with our UK colleagues would we ? :)
    Great to touch base with some Aussie mates
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