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    does anyone have a fail safe method? I have a template for making a folded paper one. How do you get good results?

    Thanks in advance
  2. i'd use card, preferably black, we use aluminium foil for the pinhole end as they punch this in to make a big hole at the end of the lesson usually and tracing paper as the screen, then just glue new foil with a glue stick for the next lesson.
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    Thanks Paul, so what do they focus on? I've seen tealights and bulbs mentioned online
  4. not sure never given or been asked for anything specific, pens, pencils, windows maybe.
  5. We have used the folded paper method successfully and previously used toilet roll tubes with black paper on one end and tracing paper on the other. We often use the IR naked lightbulb as the light source as you can see the shape of the filament clearly on the tracing paper.
  6. We find that a carbon filament lamp makes a good source to observe.
  7. Second the carbon filament lamp. Ours are cut up lengths (15cm'ish) of small bore plastic drain pipe with kitchen foil at one end for the hole & greaseproof paper on the other, both secured with elastic bands - seem to work well
  8. that is what we use. and always have a full supply of paper and foil to replace it.
  9. Hi we use low energy lamps , the long type , put a bit of insulation tape near the top , they could also bring their finger in from one side in front of the lamp and see that it is reversed or move the lamp in from one side too.
  10. We use black card with the outline photocopied in white
  11. We used short pringles tube, told the students to bring them in
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    What a good idea! I didn't think of this early enough.
    I've been asking the reprographics person to keep boxes of copier paper and cutting them up. It works quite well with greasproof paper as it's a bit smoother.
    On a good day I can make out colour.
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    made the pringles tin method and very happy with results, thanks everyone

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