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  1. 15 sets of equipment went out (lots of glassware and syringes), 5 get used... and the dirty stuff gets put back with the clean. It 'could' have been a five minute wash up...

    Empty buckets were supplied with the practical and labelled... 'dirty equipment'... :mad::mad::mad:
  2. Name and shame.
  3. We have washing up bowls in the labs, doesn't stop them putting crap everywhere though.
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  4. Supplying multiple washing up bowls only to find they have managed to cram all of the dirty equipment into one bowl in an impressive precarious pyramid formation...I should make the teachers carry the washing up bowls into the wash up room and charge them for breakages....
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  5. Know it well. This is where the "hell with it" reflex kicks in. 2 Belfast sinks and a dishwasher. One soak in detergent sink, one rinse in plain water, and the dish-droid on a 40 only takes 30 minutes. I just do it all.
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  6. Shannon

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    Don't even get e started... makes me soo angry :(
  7. Have written, deleted, then written again... I'm feeling like a good rant. Having collected my phenolphthalein dropper bottles, chucked back in box, upside down, open, spilt/evaporating nicely... told 'there was only a little in them anyway', (like it wasn't on purpose...) and don't the flammable stickers give any clues? .. and our limited amounts of stock, given the expense of constantly topping up...
  8. Sounds like an accident near miss report naming the teacher as culpable is in order....

    Seriously handing back a tray full of fuming flammable liquid in this weather?
    They won't do it again once you force them through the paperwork
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  9. Stop clocks in the washing up bowl really gets me, just... why??
  10. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  11. Scalpels in the bottom of washing up bowls. That used to happen when I started here. Thankfully we've tightened up our procedures so we now at least know if there is a missing scalpel and to go through the bowl to retrieve them before it gets filled with bubbles! You'd think I'd hidden the specially labelled tub which always goes out with scalpels. Or that I hadn't stuck a very large label on it saying USED SCALPELS. Sigh...
  12. in the bin bag, yr12 after being told. :(

    whoever gets my tidy teacher who has moved up north will be lucky.:D
  13. :mad::mad: Yup, happens a lot...Put bowl out with 'DIRTY TEST TUBES' written on it...draw their attention to it. still happens.

    We number the scalpels & say they have to line them up & makes sure they're all returned. Does it happen? Nope.
    Only thing that actually works is with razor blades. We number them. Put them in a lidded plastic pot with ' 12 blades provided' written on it, & they actually return those intact.
  14. And test tube racks!!!!
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  15. Grrr, or acid poured in the indicators bottles.
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  16. My pet hates:

    1 spatula full = 1Kg
    Few drops = Half a boiling tube
    Add dropwise = pour the whole thing at once
    1 piece of magnesium strip = half the reel
    1 day's notice = 10 minutes before students start practical
    Heat to approximately 30 degrees = Heat to 30.000 degrees celcius
    boil to about half volume = boil to crusty dryness until compound decomposes releasing toxic fumes
    Dissolve the solute in water = wait for that sub atomic spec of dust to disappear
    Dispose of organics in labelled bottle = Dispose of in the sink
    Put a bung on a test tube = push the bung so hard it gets stuck inside half way through
    Wear goggles = use as a fashion accessory over the head
    Return equipment to the side of the classroom = hide equipment in cupboards
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    JFKtech and then there were two - now JFK Techs :)

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  18. Ours have gone out in bottles like those for years - they still unscrew the lids and deliberately contaminate cos they want to see the whole bottle of green/colourless liquid turn red/pink/orange.....
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  19. or vice versa...
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  20. I am so nicking this and posting it up in the labs as what the instructions mean compared to what the students read!
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