Pearson BTEC L3, Unit 3 exam prac advice..

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  1. FWIW I use one of these for large batches of apples at home;

    Gets through kilos of apples in no time - peels, cores & slices!

    Not sure you could justify the cost for a one-off practical, but if you are going to be doing this regularly, might be worth a punt.
  2. I've just been handed this at a college with a large science department (and I'll be working alone at the time) - 60 student pairs.......
  3. I'm looking at that machine, and pondering doing away with the handle, and clamping my drill to it, tbh...
  4. Does the practical need to be apple flesh only? Wouldn't liquidisering or whole fruit juicering work for a puree? Just thought from an effort point of view... colander off big pieces of skin after if needs be.. let me know if idiot suggestion..!
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    :D good idea
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    It says to peel and core then puree 1kg apples per pair or individual :(
  7. Dam...
  8. OK. Bought a machine, but also contacted bookers...they do "solid apple" tins (basically peeled, cored, sliced, for chefs), 2.26kg, for sub £4.

    I'm going there next week with the academy card, to get a test tin. Would save us a lot of hassle..
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    Let us know how it goes and if there are any additives.
  10. Nah, juice wouldn't do it. Puree to a pulp, then they add 10ml of 0%/0.25%/0.5%/1%/2% pectinase solutions to each of 5 amounts, then filter it after heating. Theory being I guess that the amount of juice will rise, and plateau compared to the 0% control. The pectinase looks like it breaks the puree cells down.

    Look at me, I almost sound like I know what I'm doing. I don't, and I'm only guessing at the result. I might chat to a it goes, an ex-student runs a pub that I know of, with own brew ales..
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  11. I think that it would keep if frozen.:);)
  12. You could make a fortune renting it out..
  13. After being informed by Pearson that Pectinase was readily available form a number of sources and not just the scientific suppliers, I tried to query with Pearson the difference between Pectinase and Pectolase as quite often the 2 names seem to be interchangeable with sellers. This was the reply:

    'With regard to the use of pectolase instead of pectinase, as Science Advisors, my colleague and I do not have access to the unit 3 task, as required by Ofqual. I believe however, that Part P specifically mentions to use pectinase and other alternatives are not mentioned. Your original question regarding about pectolase was shared with the authors of the task and upon careful consideration, it was decided that alteration should be avoided so that there is no adverse effect on students in the accessibility of Part B exam. I suggest that when you order, you check with the supplier that you are indeed ordering pectinase and not a different enzyme.'

    I understand that there has to be rules surrounding examined elements of qualifications, but for practical subjects surely there also needs to be some sort of accessible technical support who knows what is going on regarding the task.
  14. I did this practical 2 months ago for a set of 12 pairs, I used tinned sliced apples from asda in a can and added water to them , so about 80 mls of water per 385 g of product and used a blender for 30 seconds but no more, than stirred with a glass rod. I think I only used 3 tins of apple slices. worked a charm with the pectinase.
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    Thanks krysalis will save time and money :)
  16. I believe we have solved the issue here by arranging an order for peeled, cored and sliced apples from the catering supplier - means we only have to puree them! But no way around us needing 60kgs!!
  17. I have just come across this thread, and it's worrying me because I have been told that the practical exam information is not available yet :( . I made it known weeks ago that I would need to know asap what was involved so I could order anything we need and trial it in advance. Still no info even though I asked again about a week ago! When did you guys find out?
    Looks like I need to be pushing a bit harder for info!!!
  18. We do the BTech at our college too and we've not been told anything either! :(
  19. You should get your own password to download it, the edexcel website lists the documents and dates published but the link goes to a protected page.
  20. Our exams officer gave me the instructions about 2 weeks before half term, so it must be available.