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  1. Must have looked at this box countless times over the last 3/4 years(??)... And then, suddenly... IMG_20190208_132525[3419].jpg
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  2. Hahahaha - I looked twice...
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  3. Me too
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  4. Techitude

    Techitude COMMITTEE

    I once accidentally labelled a tray 'Global wamring' and no-one noticed for ages. When we eventually realised we decided it was too amusing to change and the practical ended up getting referred to by its misspelled name :D
  5. PhysicsSimon

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    Any advance on thrice?

    Right number of letters? - check
    First & last letters correct? - check

    However someone has written capilary tube on a box in our main store & each time I go in my eyes are dragged to it in pain (bit like a toothache)
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  6. I inherited a tray labelled guazes, I was quite sad to dispose of it when all the asbestos stuff happened.
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  7. TechZoe

    TechZoe the boss technician lady

    We've got a tray of mutlimeters, which makes me giggle every time I read it :)
  8. I've got one that says "Pestles & Mestles, Mortars & Porters", and another "Pooters or Putas" :eek: - for some reason they make me smile every time I see them.....! :D
  9. I've mistakenly written 'universal indictator' on some labels when I was having one of 'those days'. Luckily I realised before I'd applied them. I fear my UVI would have got ideas above it's station otherwise!
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  10. Our network's subject folders has one called lanaguages.. :D
  11. Labelled a drawer "crockadile clips" when suffering a bad hangover. Suppose its the way its pronounced up here!
  12. Not a typo or label as such but I was amused when a teacher requested the reproduction box to show in one of her lessons when she meant the contraceptives box.
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  13. One of our teachers had a box of googles instead of goggles.
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  14. I've done that more than once! :oops:
  15. I use a spell checker before I label anything unless its by hand and then they just have to pray I am having a good day
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  16. Our Hoffman voltameter is labelled H. Voltmetre. not by me I hasten to add.
  17. Dod


    Joanne Walsh

    Your school must have made a massive medical breakthrough, growing new appendages :D
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  18. My college misquoted the Anti bumping granules as Anti Grumping Bumules , kept the label on the noticeboard to remind us.
    also one Physics teacher who was notoriously bad with his hand written requests, we interpreted the Slinky Spring as the Slinky Sprux , I still refer to it as that after 15 years :)
  19. Ever since Dennis Norden said it, I've never been able to refer to them as other than hypodeemic nerdles.
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  20. So do all the kids call it Hydrolic acid or is it just here?