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  1. We have a pasco millikans oil drop. Which for some reason is not working. I am sure I have had it working in the past but I cant remember what I did to it. I have gone through the instructions for setting it up and also done what maintenance I can on it. I am out of ideas and hoping that it is something simple I have over looked.
    Does anyone else have this model that could give me a few extra pointers?
  2. How is it not working?
  3. cant see any drops
  4. Is everything clean? How are the drops created in this particular kit?
  5. I have gone through it and given it a clean following the recommendations outlined in the maintenance section of the manual it came with. The droplets are formed by spraying the oil from an 'atomizer' into a chamber where the mist forms. This mist should then fall through a pin hole in an capacitor plate where the droplets form to be viewed through a scope.
    Its all a bit difficult to explain in text without waffling on. So here is a link to the type of apparatus we have:
  6. My first thought would be to check the alignment of the optical system. I've downloaded the manual and will have a look at it on Monday.
  7. There is a pin that fits in the oil hole to set focus and alignment on ours, or has some rascal removed a lens from the microscope perhaps? I'm surrounded by fiddlers who are interested in equipment but not science.
  8. Same on the one I was using, I don't think focus and alignment was the problem. Unless myself and two physics teachers were having the same problem and not realising it.
  9. I have a similar problem at the moment as we had run out of the correct oil to use so I tried a substitute, which didnt

    Happily I have now been able to source some Apiezon AP201 oil from M+I Materials Hibernia Way Trafford Park M32 OZD