Paper chromatography of plant pigments......

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  1. ......any recomendations for a running solvent?

    My BTEC teacher wants to do both paper and TLC. We are using the CLEAPSS method for the TLC but have no protocol for the paper. She tried propanone last week but didn't work very well. I googled and found 3:1:1 pet ether, propanone, water.

    Is this a decent mix or have you any others please.

    Thank you.
  2. You have to remember that the Mobile phase will behave slightly different on these stationary phases. I suggest you try
    Petroleum Ether:Chloroform:propanone in the ratio 3:1:1.

    See my post:
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  3. We use 90% Propanone : petroleum spirit (100-120oC) in a 1:9 ratio
  4. This is the old CLEAPPS method.:) However is still works.
  5. It's also the current Edexcel A-Level Biology method
  6. Slight problem with that mobile phase though George.... the back of Hazcard 104 says "The use of trichloromethane [chloroform] in school practical activities is not recommended. Check activity-specific guidance for safer alternatives." ;)
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  7. Yeah but this is used in the high-end HE practical Dave.:)
  8. But as the question came from a tech in a school, surely the advice given should be appropriate to their circumstances, not what the ideal situation (or yours) is/would be.....? :)
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  9. Shannon

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    When I did plant one when I was at school.. I think we used water or Ethanol??? It was so stress relieving to do crush the plant leaf lol
  10. Propanone, ethoxyethane, petroleum ether (80 c) in the ration 1:1:2 for OCR Works every time :)
  11. Thanks guys, you've come up trumps again.

    I shall pass on the info to the teacher and we'll go from there. Also depends on what we have in stock of course.

    Think I'll give the chloroform a miss thanks George, HE is a whole different ball game to secondary schools.
  12. Same here. We do it at the moment as it's on Edexcel A level syllabus
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  13. Thanks for the further endorsement Jaytee.
    The teacher has decided to give this one a go, we're doing it tomorrow.