Out of HCl (yes it happens), any substitutes?

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  1. Dear all,

    unfortunately due to a mistake we are running out of concentrated HCl solutions, which acid would be the best substitute? We have some good quantities of concentrated sulfuric acid, could this be a substitute until the HCl arrives?

  2. The answer to your question is dependent on what you want to use the acid for. What will you be doing with it?:)
  3. Give your nearest school a ring and see if they will let you have some?
  4. Dod


    Isn't concentrated solution an oxymoron ?
  5. Nope :)
    Solution is defined as a liquid mixture where the minor component (solute) is uniformly distributed in the major component (solvent)
    Concentrated is one component is present in a high proportion relative to the other substances

    So compared to all the other HCl solutions available "conc HCl" is more concentrated as that's basically saturated
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    I stand corrected :(
  7. In these current times a request for this would probably be declined.:(
  8. if you have some salt, make it, it's called spirits of salt for a reason.


    or pop to the local plumbers, they will have 500 ml bottles on the shelf.
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    I think it depends on the relationship you have with the local schools. If you had a chemical on order but needed some before the delivery was due then some technicians would let you have it, knowing it would be replaced within a week.
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  10. Also to add to CovTech's post, conc HCl is normaly about a 36% solution which is roughly 11 moles
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    You can usually get this delivered overnight if you pay the extra delivery charge
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  12. Well mostly for reacting with metals or alkalis, indicators etc
  13. Certain suppliers have a 'points' scheme.Not allowed to mention them? If you order from them regularly, you then give them a buzz & can order with your points money without going through finance, they usually send it out immediately for next day delivery. This has saved out bacon before when budget closed.
    We also have an arrangement with a couple of local schools. Give their techs a ring, introduce yourself, perhaps do a visit on an inset day? Always nice to know local techs. Nice to know we can call each other sometimes and cry help!