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  1. Does anyone have a link to where I can download PAG 7.3's tech and student methodologies from please?

    Sister academy has given me the technician notes for it, asking for 80 bottles of things..we don't HAVE 80 bottles spare. Or 10 bottles of Silver Nitrate etc.

    So, I'm trying to find the student methodology for it, but PAG 7.3 on OUR system seems to be using different chemicals..looks like we have the draft one, which was apparently only put on this week. Guessing our sister academy is a little more ahead of the game, and sent me the final..
  2. I have a copy of them!

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  3. I hope that's what you are looking for.
  4. Oh, Jade! THANKYOU so much.. :D That's a huge help.

    I've been asked for:
    5x5 specimen bottles of A-F (using test tubes, personally)
    5 bottles of 100ml Cyclohexene (can do that)
    10xbottles of sod. carb solution (giving them 100ml beakers)
    10 bottles of 0.4m NaOH (50ml in each - giving them 100 ml beakers again)
    10x50ml bottles 1m ammonia, same for 2m (beakers again)
    10x50ml bottles silver nitrate - got 4, could make 8, not got that much nitrate in the building!
    10x50ml bottles Iron Chloride (beakers again)
    5x100ml bottles acidified potassium dichromate (no issue)
    5x 0 ml bromine water (got enough dropper bottles for this)

    I have neither space nor budget to be holding 80 spare bottles, 10 silver nitrates etc.

    So, I can't see any reason labelled 100ml beakers won't work, TBH. I'll make up the chemicals in Reagent bottles, decant first thing for the lesson to labelled beakers, job done.

    Can anyone see any major flaws in my thinking?
  5. I say if it's not particularly hazardous, don't waste the effort of gathering bottles, they just add time to the process of carrying the practical out anyway!
  6. I do the same as you. Or I make them share a bottle! Its not like the isa's where they have to do everything in exam conditions.

    I don't have the space in the prep room to have all of this set up, so either they sacrafice a lab for me or they deal with sharing!

    I hate testing for unknown practicals.
  7. I don't recall if we've done this particular PAG or not, but we generally make up stock bottles for the groups to share and measure out the amount they need.
  8. I wouldn't use beakers for the 2M Ammonia (or the 1M either if possible), as during the lesson the fumes will build up, particularly if its warm. When we did this one I put out sets per bank of desks rather than pairs, so four or five sets. The amounts used are quite small, so I used screw top vials for some of them where I didn't have enough bottles.
  9. if your school can not supply the aforementioned equipment should they be running the course
  10. 007


    I have made 15 dropping bottles (we bought black ones to prevent UV breakdown) of silver nitrate for this PAG. Takes up minimal space, encourages less use of a very expensive chemical. :cool:

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