Notice period you get given by teachers for practicals?

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  1. I'm not paying £100 pa for it. bits of paper work fine until you find me some FOSS.
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  2. Thursday for following week. Will only do 'late' practicals if a teacher has been ill etc, or if the practical is a 'get off the shelf' kind of thing.
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  3. I ask for request in on Wednesdays, with Thursday being my clipboard chase day, on their break I hunt down the missing request looking stern and frazzled hand write them on the print out and get the teacher to initial by it in agreement. - only have to do it a few times they dont like being hunted.:D
  4. PhysicsSimon

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    Meh (and please note that I'm physics only so very little in the way of consumable prep)

    Quite frankly I enjoy the challenge of last minute requests - when one of ours is sidling down the corridor with an apologetic grin on her face you just know it'll be a hectic 10 mins - but kind of fun too

    (And I'm definitely off to hide now!)
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  5. Craig Astle

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    Thursday lunchtime, but the HOD never gives one in just appears and takes stuff. We try to do as many last minute requests as we can because we are magical beasties
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  6. Nice one Simon. Saved me typing exactly the same thing.
  7. Ours have to be in Thursday 2pm and I have only had to take 2 teachers aside this year and say if its not in on time you get nothing next week :D

    It worked with one and the other one well, has had 2 weeks now of no practicals.

    If their get their stuff in on time normally I will try and accommodate last minute requests.
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  8. Varies between a week, and..about 10 minutes.

    Last minutes can be fun, they learn to ask and duck as I'm a good shot with a scalpel. "Oh, me request fell off the board".."you mean that one? Yes. I can see why. The lack of a pin hole...clever, getting it to fasten to the board without a pin.."...."it must be my attractive personality".."aha. good one. Run..."..:D

    I find it brings on this terrible cough...only coincidentally does it sound like be**end..;)

    Depending on my stress levels, it can also bring out the "if you'd like to stick a mop up my arse, I'll do the floor as well" sarcastic technician personality..:rolleyes: (even with SLT)
  9. Thursday dinner time for the following week [I don't work Fridays] and things like microscopy, dissections as much notice as possible so I have time to prep/buy in items or anything that's time consuming for a Monday or requires shopping before Thursday as I walk to work and only use car when shopping required.

    I am flexible ill/new teachers as a lot of pracs are repeats I keep a crib sheet of who's done what so don't pack away till everyone completed so can accommodate some last minute reqs. Some teachers are fab and always early, some occasionally forget but if it continues a word from the HOD puts them back on the straight and narrow!
  10. NTG


    In THEORY by Thu lunchtime the week before. In practise up to and including almost immediately before the lesson, and for calculators DURING the lesson (we lost a lot of calculators so now book them out......(I know, the kids should bring their own, but that's another story entirely !!). I also find it's very difficult to change their approach.

    I think late requests and meeting them are related to workload as well. This group were used to 2 full-time techies supporting them (7 teachers plus a trainee) and are seeming to continue in that vein. Have told HOD this is unsustainable and providing 70+ practicals per week on my own is very difficult and various H&S stuff (and SYC audits) do not get done. Last SYC check - July 2017. Last radioactives 2013.....
  11. NTG


    I've taken to refusing to buy stuff in my own time. If it cannot be ordered in, it ain't happening !!!
  12. The time used [other than getting with my weekly shop] is taken as lieu time OR I shop in works time if I know it's to be done [and have the time too busy Sept - Dec to shop] and come in the car
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  13. NTG


    I cycle to work so get stuff only if I am already doing shopping. Not a hope of getting out during school time as provision for practicals would be impacted immediately. If it's not in the shop across the street, then that's the end of it. Time in lieu......interesting concept !!! I get in 30 mins before I start and generally work that time.....yet got moaned at for leaving 10 minutes early to make sure I got to the dentist !!
  14. Yes Sept - Dec I have no time to shop either [doing the job of two!] However I do term plus 8 days so knock off all the OT and shopping trips from this usually around 60 -70% used up in first term I can book days off [got one in July] and had 3 days off for a cruise last year. I'm very fortunate I am treated better here, no chance in my of this in my previous school and so if I couldn't get it from the local supermarket in works time either teacher got it or they went with out. Flexibility is a two way street and one I'm happy to do in this job.
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  15. Yeah, I keep an Excel sheet of any overtime - including that spent shopping, and if I come in early (which is every morning), I leave early, unless there is something 'nasty' to clear, (has been agreed with HR). I 'log' anything over 15 minutes, as if it were the other way around, I'd be expected to make up the time.
  16. paul r

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    Thursday Lunchtime , as long as I get the majority in and can plan I can be a little flexible . However not going back to the Monday morning scenerio and teachers requiring practicals for P1 then have not been booked !
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    I ask for mine by the end of play Thursday for the next week. We work a day in advance for all the practical so I insist on having the req sheets ready first thing Friday so I can write up Mondays pracs and get them prepared. There are always certain teachers I have to chase on a Friday morning though, the usual suspects!
    I will accommodate late requests as much as possible though, even though their lack of planning irks me I try to be supportive and make the equipment available if they ask.
  18. Here we ask that lab sheets are in for Friday 07:00 the week before. We used to be Thursday lunch time like most others on here but the teachers complained they still needed longer to finish them.

    I don't mind as much because we use the Google Classroom system and Google docs so I can actually sit and watch the lab sheets getting written in real time before they hand them in. This way I can make a start as soon as I have the time to, even if the teaching staff haven't finished writing them up. No more do we need to sit and wait for the paper copies to be hand delivered to us :D
  19. karen b

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    Here we look after all three sciences, but the physics teachers definitely get away with being much more last minute because it is mostly grab equipment from shelves and cupboards. Unfortunately one also teaches a lot of junior science (all three subjects in a general mix) and uses the same ordering technique
  20. Here I have managed to increase the amount of notice to 48 hours :rolleyes:
    I ask for longer if it is something that needs buying/extra resources. We use Google sheets, which are locked each morning. It has taken some people a while to get used to the fact that I don't work weekends, so are confused that next Mondays sheet is locked on Thursday.
    Up to now the system is working a lot better than the old paper system. If teachers want to request something last minute, they have to ask me in person, not scribble on a bit of paper and insist "it was always there, you must have missed it." I also once got a complaint that a prac hadn't been supplied, it had been written on last minute and I wasn't in the building. I am good at my job, but seeing through walls from a different building is beyond my superpowers!:cool::p
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