Notice period you get given by teachers for practicals?

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  1. Morning all,

    When I was doing my PGCE I was told (rightly so) to give one weeks notice for booking practicals.

    At the school I am in, despite constant email reminders, I'm getting requests for practicals the day before or even on the day the period before (easy set up ones are fine).

    I am quite new here and I am learning this role myself.

    In addition to this, teachers have requested me to help with demos (which is also fine) but do this at very short notice. I know a lot of the science behind said demos, but I would appreciate a heads up t brush up on various areas.

    What is it like at your school?

    Many thanks
  2. Our requisitions are supposed to be in by Thursday for the following week.
    In reality very few teachers do this.
    We often get last minute requests, a couple get quite stroppy if you say you can't do it. Doesn't help that it is usually the more senior teachers that are the culprits.
    Our HoD has told teachers but to no avail. ( although HoD's are often the worst offenders.)
    You will get lots of advice on here telling you how to deal with it, but in reality it is very hard to deal with.
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  3. karen b

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    We have a policy of requests for the week must be in Thursday lunchtime the week before. We will try and accommodate last minute requests but don't guarantee it. I am lucky to work in a well-resourced school, in a team of four technicians so we can generally help out (unless it's for something mad like dandelions in December).
  4. by Thursday 8am the working week before, we tried Friday once but Thursday gives them time to not be too inconveniently late (there are always a few who are regularly late, they need to tip well at xmas).

    I sometimes find myself forgetting about late requests...
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  5. Thursday lunchtime the week before
  6. Nick Mitchener

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    ours are supposed to be in by thursday after lunch, quite a few come in earlier, some come in later, but generally all in by end of friday. We sort them out as they come in so that clashes are resolved on a first come first served basis.

    We occasionally get last minute changes but nobody gets upset if they can't have them.

    I do find that teachers often think that when a holiday or inset day is coming up they can be later, but as far as we are concerned thursday lunch gives us just one and a half day's notice for the first day of the new requirements, no matter how long between the actual gap.

    We do give them a bit more leeway in September as they don't order in July, but then the first week generally doesn't involve practicals for lower school or yr 12.
  7. Shannon

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    Thursday (end of the day latest) for the whole following week. Unless its something new or from the butchers I ask for two weeks
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  8. Lol, we have this, I get given Req's in afternoon on the last day. I usually say " you do realise I don't actually live here?"
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  9. We have a google spreadsheet that everyone uses. We share the sheet with the teachers on a Friday and they have until 2pm on following Wednesday to complete their orders for the next teaching week. We lock the sheet ourselves at the deadline so teachers can't add late requests or change things after we've started prepping.
    Our HoF is pretty supportive of our system and has told the staff that late requests will not be prepped. We occasionally get late requests slipped in though if there has been a problem with a lesson, cover, something unexpected, etc, but the teachers are fairly good at letting us know first thing in the morning and not going overboard with the resources for the late requests.
    Its important for us to have a system as most of our technicians only work 2 days a week. If the orders don't come in on time there might not be anyone in before the lesson to be able to prep it.
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  12. Elizabeth Gould

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    Friday break time (11am) for the following week.
  13. Ours used to be 9.30 Friday for the following week
    Then one teacher complained to the HoD because her orders were always late.....
    and she was one who always got her own way eventually

    So now we have 9.30 each morning for the following day with exceptions for things which need longer or fresh shopping etc.

    It's not ideal but we make it work somehow
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  15. I had to edit the science dept handbook to say working week (term time), and usually remind them before the holidays.

    They will be far happier knowing they have actually planned their lessons by Friday night.:cool:
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