Newton meters- what to weigh

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  1. Hello,

    I have been asked by a teacher for some items to weigh for the 1-10NM.

    I have got some items but not much. She doesn't want any masses, it's mainly so they can record how much the items weigh.

    I had sand in containers and a few density blocks but not much else.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. Nick Mitchener

    Nick Mitchener COMMITTEE

    We have a selection of stones that they use for irregular objects, chosen to fit in the eureka cans. I find the lower ranges more useful though, they tend only to have those beige ones when using 100g masses.
  3. STEM1

    STEM1 Dave

    If you have a D&T dept, see if you can obtain some offcuts of various materials; wood, plastic, steel bar etc. Rocks are also good.
  4. We have a Salter Bathroom scales which are calibrated in Newtons. Several years ago I was aked if staff could borrow them to weigh out heavy packages to determine what the postage would be. They came back to me puzzled to say they could not use them because they wanted to know how many kilograms they weighed. I replied "divide by 9.81"!:D:D
  5. How about get the students to weigh:
    - their pencil cases
    - their school bags
    - themselves
    - how much force is needed to open a lab door
    - pulling a stool across the ground
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  6. Dod


    Anything they can get a string round works for us
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  7. Like Dod said. Lumps of granite on strings, scissors, tripods, plastic duck on strings, old textbooks with string looped through the centre, hole punch. Anything that's around the lab that you can dangle from a Newton meter. We use 0-1N and 1-10N meters and bathroom type scales measuring in N and Kg
  8. I have lots of odds and ends (tin of treacle, scissors, coin, marble, stopclock......) in plastic bags with a hole punched in a corner for the newton meter hook for our year 7 students.
  9. At my last place a teacher put together a 'forces circus' one of the items asked for was an apple. This is because 'all apple weigh 1 newton' apparently. Of course due to last minute requests I never could get a hold of an apple in time so my solution was to get a cricket ball (i had a tray full of them for some reason) put a label on it saying 'this is an apple' and fix to newton meter to read 1 Newton.
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  10. Did you not know the real SI unit for Newtons is the bushel?
    Kg/m2 is for amateurs ;)
  11. Dod


    o_O Only a Newton if it falls on your head ;)
  12. Shannon

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    This is what we do, apart from bags as we have a no bag in lab policy
  13. Sharon Elsdon

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    We either get them to tie string round things to use or pop them in a bag and hold by the handles.
  14. You've gotta love these kind of requests, they're similar to:
    "Can I have.. a selection of magnetic and non magnetic things."

    "Oh you mean, like literally anything on the planet? Sure you can! I'll let you open your eyes, look around and take your pick.."
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  15. I have a tray setup for that
  16. it fine once you have it.
  17. Dod


    Our conductors and insulator tray is HUGE ;)