New bottles to decant conc. nitric

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  1. Does anyone know where I can source new glass bottles to decant our nitric acid into? Only seem to see Winchesters or smaller glass bottles- may be just me! Ideally litre bottles with chemical resistant per new CLEAPSS guidelines.
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    We're looking into this too, we're looking at Breckland and SciChem. We didn't see any amber bottles in litre size, but we figure we'll keep them in a winchester carrier with a lid so they're in the dark.
  3. I've seen Winchesters of varying sizes, but was unsure re the screwcap.. looked like just a plastic cap (and narrow neck so swapping lids not possible) rather than a PTFE corrosion resistant lid shown on CLEAPSS website.
  4. Might be an idea to forward on the publication from CLEAPSS to your chosen suppliers rep and see what they can do. Save us the legwork and give them something to do :p
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    Hi Claire,

    Don't know if of any help?

    You can buy glass amber 1000ml bottles (31mm neck, with bottle lid) for £2.88

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The company accept credit card orders, and can also set up customers with 30 day invoice accounts (your finance department would have to register with them for the 30 day invoice credit account)

    One of these random companies you find over the years which turn out to be really useful!! :D

    They also stock small bottles (for e cigeratte liquid!) that are perfect size for dispensing indicators such as phenolphthalein. Also stock small bottles in amber as well so great for dispensing small bottles of light sensitive items such as silver nitrate etc :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. It's a good idea to save the Winchesters that your acids arrived in - they are inevitably useful. Just my thoughts!:);)
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    They are, but not for storing conc nitric as they are plastic not glass!
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  8. this message was posted in Hampshire Science Forum by Tracey Holmes from Fareham
    Hi everyone

    I have been in contact with Lynn Thorne from Select Education about glass bottles suitable for storing nitric acid in line with the new cleapss guidance. I have pasted her reply below with links to products if anyone is interested

    In our Industrial catalogue we sell what you need, the caps on the bottles are not right so you need to buy separate lids to use I have attached the examples below.
    Please take no notice of our prices as these are NOT for Education. If you think you will be interested I will get the prices for you

    I requested the prices please see below

    BOT5310 1000ml 333.45 each page 397 of our catalogue ( I think this should say £33.45)

    BOT5248 pouring ring pack 10 £9.07
    BOT5244 cap pack 10 £41.07

    Use this reference to get these prices SE17LT40
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    We got the same email, the price for the bottles BOT5310 was £7.46 each on their website, a bit more reasonable!
  10. The style of those bottles looks fine, but the ones on the link and in other catalogues appear to just be transparent glass. The problem seems to be getting hold of some made of amber glass? By decanting the acid from dark plastic bottles to transparent glass ones we would be greatly reducing the spill risk, but increasing the risk of the acid decomposing.
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    That is what i thought too , I was expecting them to be amber . I suppose you could wrap them in something but would rather have amber bottles .
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    We were thinking we'd keep them in winchester carriers with lids on (or some kind of box) so they're in the dark...
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  14. I've also had replies via CLEAPSS that the suggested simax bottles and red caps are ok, but to check the pouring rings are PTFE, otherwise they may not be corrosive resistant, and would have to be removed...
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    It would be better if they were amber for the storage of Nitric acid
  16. Ours is in a closed chemical cupboard, in a chemical store with the light off 99.99% of the time, so probably less of an issue...
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    true , just me being pedantic!