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  1. I've only just noticed (and fortunately have time to trial) that the AQA enzyme practical has slightly altered (now edition 5.2 Nov 18). Thought you lot might want to know, and if anyone else notices any changes, can they give us the heads up? Hopefully no real issues....
    Having said that, kerboodle version and this version slightly different, can't promise what old AQA version was... - now I'm confused!
    Please ignore if I'm talking rubbish...
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  2. Which qualification? A level only seems to go up to 1.4 on the website (I have 2.1, somehow) and GCSE is at 1.021 on the site but we don't do it.
  3. Sorry- GCSE level 8461 now version 5.2
    enzyme prac- Amylase/starch/pH buffer though essentially the same, retrialling as can't remember which concentrations I went with...
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    Thanks for the heads up