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  2. I recently bought some M&S off NCBE for £6.50 for 6g - I've got a feeling a little goes a long way. I have bought giberrelic acid off either ebay or Amazon before and it came in a little ziplock bag which frankly could have contained anything!! Depends what you are using it for and how important it is that it actually works I guess. You're not doing cauliflower cloning by any chance with the M&S are you?
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    Funny enough yes I am... just ran out of the stuff this week... yet no money to order through normal supllier
  4. We've just started using the new SAPS protocol which uses miltons as the sterilising agent. Not sure if this is the method you use, but it has a much better sucess rate than our old protocol. I've never bothered to add the kinetin and I'm always dubious as to whether the m&s actually does anything! Does that make me a bad technician?!
    Here is the link in case you might want it / don't have it:
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    When did this one come out? As I already follow one from SAPS? And yet the stuff itself has never set augh
  6. Oooh, apologies, I sent you the wrong link, its actually an NCBE protocol (the SAPS one is very similar): science/cauliflower.html

    From memory I used technical agar instead of the M&S agar and then just put in a sprinkling of M&S powder in and boiled it all up well. It set nicely.