Morning from hell..

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  1. Got an electrolysis practical back last period yesterday..wires chucked among-st solution of spilt chemicals (I had provided funnels for the teacher to pour the chemicals back in for reuse of this practical for P1 today).

    P1 arrives, managed to tidy up said practical to deliver to another teacher..who I then find out wanted the electrolysis of lead bromide demo for this period (and not the period tomorrow as listed on request sheet..). Find out no gas canisters in fume cupboard so running around to find them. Arrgh there is more but got stuff to do!

    So running around getting a fume cupboard and setting it up.. little bit angry which is why I need to offload :(
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    They didn't order it for the right time, you haven't got time to set it up (I'm sure you're probably not actually running, but if you are rushing you aren't working safely), they don't get the practical. It's not worth risking injuring yourself to get it done, and if you always manage to get things ready at the last minute it just makes them more likely to pull the same trick again.
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    I agree with @JFKtech - if the teacher made a mistake this is not your problem. If you have time then by all means set up the unexpected practical, but if you haven't, tell them. I am lucky to work in a team of four so we can usually get something together last minute but when people have been out on a course then we have had to say no
  4. I sent her an email reminder so I have everything in a record, with a screenshot of her request. I will not compromise any safety what so ever!
  5. My response would be "sorry, you have not given the required notice and it is not safe for me to rush around to get it ready for this period. How about you do what you have ordered for today today (as I have spent all morning getting it ready as per your request) and I'll get the lead bromide ready for you for tomorrow". AKA lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.
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  6. In addition to this, I asked said teacher if she needed help with this demo, and she replied 'I know what I am doing - I watched a video'.

    So I'm in a meeting with the HoD because I did get a bit annoyed and posted the awful picks of a practical I received back in the WhatApp group (could of sent mass email out..) then I return to prep room and get a student asking for me to pop into said class because the teacher didn't know how to turn on the fume cupboard (and fumes from the electrolysis of Lead bromide were starting to appear!).
  7. You need a "near miss" form.
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  8. :rolleyes:
    Agree "near miss" needs logging.
  9. Just curious as I am an agency worker and I do sometimes get the feeling that teachers are always sided on. That being said, I've been here since April and have proved myself (as it were) and challenged things in the past.

    Is there a way I can get my hand on one of these forms and log it?
  10. I'd probably think very carefully about that as Agency Staff can be there one day and gone the next. I hope things work out though.:)
  11. Yes I am aware of this and I do have a great relationship with this teacher.

    That being said, I wish to maintain my professionalism and reliability, so I have just sent that teacher an email.

    I am collecting all of this as I wish to maintain a good relationship with my agency also, and refuse to be a 'fall boy' due to others mistakes. So I am sending all of this to my personal email to build up a picture.

    At the end of the day, if one happens to cease working at a place for doing their job and doing it in a safe manner, then I probably wouldn't regret it..
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  12. You should be able to get a form from whoever has overall H&S responsibility within your school or maybe on your school's intranet? We have a standard accident form and write "near miss" across the top then fill in the boxes to describe what went wrong, the reasons why and what the potential consequences could have been. I then let my HoD know that I'm submitting the form (as a courtesy) and send it to the member of the senior team with H&S responsibility. I also make a note in the department accident book.
  13. I think that you are quite right to do what you are doing. But still, i'd be careful. You have few rights as an Agency worker and I've seen some go very quickly ( and PGCE Trainees) go very quickly if they upset the apple cart.:)
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  14. Interesting thing is, the new person is a returning technician who left previously, and who is also on agency, so even with two technicians, there still may not be stability which may give me some leverage when it comes to things like this.
  15. I'm afraid that would be wishful thinking. If an Agency Technician had a disagreement with a memmber ofTeaching staff and the member in question gives the ultimatum to the HoD "Either he/she/they go, or I go!". Who do you think the HoD would let go? I'd say the Agency Technician.
  16. Then their science department would have one less technician (remember, I was alone for 6 weeks..) which they would struggle to replace (with someone inexperienced) in addition to having a member of teachign staff that presents them self as an H&S issue. Like for instance when I casually pulled the teacher up for thiis electrolysis of lead bromine: 'it's only just a little bit of Bromine it won't hurt anyone' which was her response. End of the day, I would rather leave this school with high standards then get myself removed because I failed to uphold my own H&S standards and caused an least my agency will know how good I am (I even got a Principal award from the head teacher before Christmas with regards to holding the department together - as a trainee technician!).
  17. I'm not disagreeing with you Jimbob, and I'm sure that you are doing a great job. I just think that Agency workers have very few rights. Happy New Year.:)
  18. I know :) I guess it means I have a difficult choice to choose as it were, but as long as I keep my agency in the loop, and have a good relationship with them, then that's what matters
  19. It's good to keep the agency in the loop, but remember that agencies will also rate you based on feedback from their clients which are the schools. I would suggest that you have the best relationship possible with both parties.
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  20. Jimbob, why don't you look for a permanent tech position, you would have more job security. Agency staff can be 'let go' at the drop of a hat.