Monthly winner of our 'stupid request' trophy - shattering a wine glass with sound

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  1. My lead technician was asked a bucket of steam at her old school. I've had nothing that ridiculous yet, however we have one teacher who likes to use descriptions as opposed to proper names when requesting equipment (deciphering his req is like doing a cryptic crossword) and we get the usual requests for photosynthesis practicals and quadrats in the middle of winter.
  2. I LOVED the sound/amp/Wine glass one. PA amp from PE, 4 HUGE speakers from music, one sig-gen. Hysterical fun.
  3. It wasn't a stupid request but one I did not want to fulfill, small beaker of bull semen.
    Coincidentally a lady asked me at open evening last night whilst looking at pond life under the microscope, "Is that sperm?"
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  4. I have tampons an red food colouring for next week - when everyone knows it should be blue!
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  5. There's no way we have the budget for that. Have you seen the price? (Don't google at work!) 0.25ml costs about £15.
  6. I was asked to set up a demo of a chip pan fire in the classroom :)
  7. CLEAPSS document TL001 - Demonstrating a chip pan fire
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  8. Dod


    Give them the stuff and let them get on with it :), chips for lunch ( before they catch fire is a bonus )
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  9. A teacher's horse died just before summer, and it was decided I had the relevant skills to tan the thing's hide.
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  10. All our ceilings are burnt, one of the previous heads favorites, I had to hide his special pan though.
  11. An interesting request today - our sixth form open evening is coming up in a couple of weeks time, and the theme in Science this year is "70 years of the NHS" - the teacher in charge of A-level Biology asked if we could get a real human cadaver for the visitors to dissect during the course of the evening! :eek:

    We just laughed, but having thought about her response to said laughter we're not sure if she was joking or not! I've got a horrible feeling she wasn't....! :D
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    Maybe she has plans for you ;)
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  13. A long time ago, in a school far away, a teacher turned up with a request. He taught biology and his wife worked for the NHS in some capacity. He had brought in a human foetus, just far enough along to be recognisable, stained to make the non-ossified parts transparent and the bones red. It was a beautiful preparation - but he handed it to a staunch Catholic technician to "put somewhere". In the ensuing kefuffle, it transpired that it had been acquired less than honestly and two careers were terminated.
  14. Oh. My. God.
  15. Wow! What a story!

    Bet it was amazing to look at (said as someone who's not squicked out by dead things and attaches no special reverence to human bodies in particular; as far as I'm concerned when I die my body's just so much useless meat).
    Flaunting it to the uber-religious tech was a BAD idea though and I question having it in a (non-FE) school at all, because so many people DO attach special status to human flesh and it's likely at least one parent would have caused a massive uproar and the same result.
  16. Regardless of religion, It sounded like a bad idea from the offset....
    a bit grim altogether
  17. Its the 'acquired less than honestly' bit that gets me... there IS no honest way of obtaining (nor should there be..) but it means taken without consent. More important from my perspective, than who to show it to...
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  18. Yes, that bit is squiffy regardless of who they showed it to.
    If they got the consent of the parents of said foetus (and said parents were in an OK state of mind to make such a decision, seeing as having a pregnancy terminated can be traumatic) I think that would be ok, but on the re-read they probably didn't, so that's not on.
  19. I had a good one on this week's reqs.

    "Different metals, thumb nails, vaseline."

    Also a lesson titled "How does a thermistor work?" which makes no mention of thermistors.
  20. I was asked for an electron microscope this week!

    Not on our budget, mate. XD