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Discussion in 'Supporting Biology' started by paul r, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. paul r

    paul r COMMITTEE

    We are looking to purchase a new model skeleton.

    Any advise regarding where to purchase a new model skeleton at a reasonable price !


  2. What size? How much of a hurry are you in?
  3. Next person to ask for a late order becomes a donor?

    Also doesn't one of the members here work for a good company who makes them @Stan the Skeleton
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  4. paul r

    paul r COMMITTEE

    Full size , not in a massive rush
  5. I think we have a spare. Will let you know on Monday.
  6. paul r

    paul r COMMITTEE

    That will be great , thanks
  7. It's in great shape Paul.:);)
  8. Dod


    We have a spare skeleton but he is still using it. :mad:
  9. Ours was via 3B, but not cheap (bought as a replacement with fire insurance when cost was less of an issue), but good ...
  10. Stan the Skeleton

    Stan the Skeleton Registered Supplier

    And now I come with free 3B Smart Anatomy. Who doesn't like 3D for free ?!
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  11. paul r

    paul r COMMITTEE

    Morning Mike

    Any luck with the skeleton?


  12. Sorry, yes we have a spare. Complete, full size, with stand. Not sure how delivery/collection will work.
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  13. paul r

    paul r COMMITTEE

    hmmmm let me have a think if this is viable ..

    I am in Leicester and due to where you are based we could not just nip in a van and fetch ! We have a van as well but do not think the school will let us out for the day to go to the NE , even though I might like the idea !

    delivery and collection method would involve you having to pack him in something and i do not want to create you loads of work . In addition the cost of delivery may be considerable
  14. I do travel down to the south occasionally, if you can wait. I think my wife is going to visit a friend in Beds. some time soon (certainly before Christmas) as well.
  15. paul r

    paul r COMMITTEE

    Well that would be very nice of you . I can just picture you with a skeleton in the passenger seat !
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  16. Even better if it is in the car with my wife....
  17. _Anything_ else you are looking for? We still have a huge amount of excess stock in some areas and a van full might be a more acceptable proposition.
  18. paul r

    paul r COMMITTEE

    We are always looking for useful stock

    Gas Syringes
    Bunsen Burners ( good Condition)
    Biology Models
    Gratnell trays

    Basically anything that can be used .

    That may be an option of us bringing a van up!

  19. Loads of shallow trays. Some models. will send a list next week.