Mettler Toledo AX205 Large 5dp ballance

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have a Mettler Toledo AX205 taking up cupboard space and I have been tasked with disposing of it how ever I see fit, so step one is to see if anyone here wants to buy it.

    It goes to 5 decimal places, the doors are automatic and activated via a IR sensor. It has recently been calibrated by Harding Scientific.

    If anyone is interested we would be happy to swap for a melting point apparatus or 2 depending on the type you have. I am located in Gravesend (North West Kent)

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  2. You've only shown a picture of the printer. Do you have a pic of the balance? Where are you?
  3. Added the right pic this time and location.
    I am in Gravesend which is north west kent
  4. I think we have three but one may be less than fully functional.
  5. Can we have all 3 for the balance please?
  6. I'll check the numbers and get back to you.
  7. Cool thank dude