Mercury thermometors for year 9

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  1. Well today one of my techs gave out mercury thermometers to a year 9 class doing the investigating radiation practical, this was after I told her she is not allowed to give them out to anyone other than KS5.

    Is there anything in cleapss that states no mercury thermometers for under KS5 as I cannot find anything that says do not give them to KS4.
  2. You want to look at CLEAPSS GL069 - Banned Chemicals and other myths
    direct linky

    Now while there is no ban nor recommendation of using them it does say a risk assessment is required
    So just maker the KS5 only part of your school's RA and Robert's your mothers brother
  3. I knew it wasn't banned but thought it was a giant no no for anyone under KS5, but seems after talking with CLEAPSS they are not happy with anyone using them even KS5 but as long as the spills kit is sent with them, the teacher knows how to clean it up and the RA is done then yes they can have them :D