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  1. Hi all,

    Any ideas of how to clean boiling tubes that have a precipitate of chocolate? This was an ex-melted chocolate that now is frozen and stuck to the bottom of the boiling tube.

  2. I have had some success in the past by soaking in biological washing powder. I assume the enzymes digest the residue.
  3. Just a suggestion (I occasionally have been known to have some good ones) why not melt the chocolate on Watch Glasses? To clean them simply place in the Freezer Compartment , bring out when frozen and scrape off. I'm sure that you'll agree that this is much easier than getting into Test Tubes.:D:D
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  4. watch glasses sound good to me. We use tin lids
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  5. Nice idea Yelnats. Any suggestions that remove tedious tasks from the work of a Technician sound good to me. Happy holidays (when you start them).:D
  6. try 1-2% NaOH in the dishwasher, it is what they use in Clean-in-place (CIP) systems in food plants. If that wont shift it try an acid wash first.
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    Long thin tongue perhaps?
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  8. That would be the ideal...
  9. Eventually I put in the tubes some Sulfuric Acid (2M) and now wait patiently
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    Did this help? As I have a loads which I need to empty them