Material testing sets

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  1. So simple but brilliant!

    This will be joining the making queue.

  2. Cheers CovTech.
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  3. I've used quite a few of your ideas, they've worked really well - thank-you!
  4. Well, prob going to do it anyway & give them tray of gubbins to put in water & play with to their hearts content :)
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    Looking at it today has spurred me on to try to develop it more.

    We have tried sticking small squares of heat sensitive paper on to each material today and it worked amazingly. The copper and iron had changed colour in under 10 second, and the glass and plastic changed eventually too (whereas they never get hot enough to melt the wax)

    I may put a new post up just for this to see if anyone has any further ideas
  6. Same here just a box with img and I'm using Chrome not firefox
  7. As above. Our ICT people never resolve anything within a year of asking...
  8. Very clever! I'll definitely put this on my ever expanding to-do list. Thank you :)
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  9. I've put together a sheet so far, need to play around with colours but it's coming along nicely.

    Teachers thought it a great idea!
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    I've attached my template if needed.

    It's deliberately smaller than A4 so they fit sideways in a gratnell tray but you can adjust to any size

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    also I forgot to add that I cheated for the sulfur as we just had chunks of all shapes and sizes and I wanted nice strips. I mixed sulfur powder with pva glue, made a mould out of cardboard lined with clingfilm, filled it, left it to set for several days, then cut it into the required size.
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  12. Thanks for the template, it's better than mine and such a good idea to make it to fit in a tray.

    I will need to modify it a tad as we don't have Nickel and the teacher doesn't fancy sulfer (this may change if we use your method wit PVA).

    Thanks again.
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    Glad it can be of some use, it should be fairly easy to modify in Word :)
  14. We are now going to use this methos...teacher said brilliant idea...high praise indeed ;)
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  15. Could I ask, did you laminate stiff card?
    I asked resources to print it out on card then laminate & they did it on paper, & use v thin laminating pouches these days, they havecome back quite floppy!
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    I printed them on 160gm card but with fairly thin laminating pouches. I think printing on paper would be too flimsy, which you have found. The thicker card and pouches the better.