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    I saw this idea at a local tech meet up and thought it was great so adapted it and made our own.

    I'm sure it's nothing new but inspired me so might inspire someone else.

    For material testing such as electrical conductivity and magnetism you glue the samples to a sheet (instead of loose in a petri dish like we used to do). It makes it easier for the students, and the teachers are reporting it is far more time efficient in the lesson too, they like it!

    (sorry I cant get it to upload the image in the post itself so it's via this link)
  2. I like it! Will ask Physics bods if they agree. So much more simple.
    Only thing with us is for some reason, in the new KS3 syllabus they have to dunk samples in water...(?!) :(
    But will try anyway.
  3. I like it too.

    I shall run it by the Physics teacher and then set to with my glue gun!

  4. Your nickel looks like lead.
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    It is definitely nickel, was just quite a wrinkly sheet of it so we had to hammer it out a bit before we used it.
  6. I can't open the link. :(
  7. My code fu is stong
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    How did you do that? I tried every variation of html codes and urls etc but it was having none of it
  9. There was a BBC embed link in a tab under your original link
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    hmm, I tried that first time round and it didnt work, I must have cocked up somehow.
  11. I still can't open that one either. :mad::(
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    Is it not displayed on the post as a picture?
  13. Hmm then it's possibly your browser settings blocking it...
    Which one you using?
  14. Nope, it just says IMG in square brackets
  15. Firefox
  16. Ours require the water aspect now too! But this is such an efficient idea for the magnetic/electrical side - even if we have to make a seperate tray for temperature conductivity!
  17. Try clearing your cookies/cache
    If that doesn't work try looking at the specific site permissions by clicking on the site image icon (left of the address bar)
    Click the more info prompt and go into permissions then make sure that images are allowed (might have to do it for the image host as well as preproom)

    Failing that it's likely your anti-virus and you'll probably need ICT techs permissions to tinker around in there
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    I made this about 7 years ago and entered it into national technician competition (and won), we used it like this at my previous two school for the heat conductivity. Requires time to set them up initially but can be reused again and again. Any good for your heat conductivity?

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  19. This is amazing!! Definitely going to get this running over the half term coming up, thanks Techitude!
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    My pleasure, glad you like it
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