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  1. We have recently brought a new set of materials for density calculations. Two of the materials are just labelled as 'stone' (on left of picture) and 'plastic' on right of picture). Out of curiosity I have been working out their densities to see if I can work out which 'stone' and 'plastic' they actually are.
    I have an idea for the two of them, but was wondering if anyone has the same materials (brought from Phillip Harris) and has also worked out what they are?

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  2. Dod


    Stone one looks like black granite, like what headstones are made of.

    Plastic one be probably acrylic or polycarbonate.

    Size of the picture limits better identification without being able to take a sample for testing. ;)
  3. I haven't bought those exact ones but I agree with @Dod : acrylic and granite. Probably.
  4. @Philip Harris may reply? Can you confirm the above stone is granite?
  5. Phillip Harris have got back to me and they say that the stone is marble and the plastic is acrylic. Which also matches what my density calcuations said they could be.
    I do love it when science comes together
  6. Dod


    But we cannot see without touching, if you showed me the stone sample in person I could have told you which it was without density calculations, they are difficult from a fotygraf

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