Making Benedicts Reagent

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  1. Making CLEAPSS recipe of qualitative Benedicts solution.. having a difficult time trying to dissolve initial ingredients.. Probably not helped by the fact I have the hydrated rather than anhydrous sodium carbonate so the quantities are huge for the solution! Can I warm it too much (currently 55C), though I know the final solution would be heated to work too.. ? Can it be diluted further and still be effective? Given the large quantities of ingredients, am wary of spoiling what I have already measured out..
  2. Hi Clair.:) The fact that you used hydrated Sodium Carbonate makes no difference. I probably wouldn't heat it - I'd just leave it on the Magnetic Stirrer until it goes into solution. This solution is best no diluted.:);)
  3. i boil the water to dissolve it, you can boil quantitative benedicts and it doesnt harm it as long as there's no glucose in the solution.

    quantitative benedicts uses even more solids!
  4. Will keep trying..!
  5. Buy it in ready made next time. Not costly. ;)
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  6. More a case of have the ingredients already, why buy in at all.. Though will look into that when run out of trisodium citrate.. unless trisodium citrate gets used for anything else..? Have tried my not exactly clear solution with a bit of CuSO4 and glucose - works well as it is, so will leave it as long as I can stirring and then use as my topping up bottle, as long as it keeps working I'm happy..
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  7. Have just looked up ingredients v ready made- you're right, not a huge difference in price...
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    we buy it in, so much more cost effective in terms of preparation time as well. :D
  9. We buy ready made, more cost effective