Magnet practical idea (year 7)

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Any fun ideas regarding using magnets for science club?

    Trying to look for something that wouldn't come up standard school experiments.

    Many thanks :)
  2. I should of clarified my post title, so apologies in advance!
  3. making an electromagnet is always fun or how about making a speaker?
    if you have the westminster motor kits let them have a go at building and improving one
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    Making magnetic slime?
  5. WE had puzzles on open day, but one was to separate nickel pieces from aluminium- the letters stuck to the nickel spelt a word, from a random jumble of aluminium letters..
    No idea if this is helpful, but thought they could make their own?
  6. Stick magnets under a gently sloping board, then roll magnetic balls down the slope. Either have targets at the slope base, to see if they can hit them, or see if they can identify where the magnets are.