Lung dissection/volume practicals

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  1. We are presently doing lung dissections and the teacher has expressed concern regarding Covid-19.
    It may be an over reaction but there is a suppressed immunity issue so I'd probably be super cautious too. I think the main concern is that she likes to use tubing to inflate the lungs. I don't think there is an issue but is everyone else doing lung dissection and lung volume practicals as usual? I've contacted CLEAPSS and they just say contact public health England. Unless otherwise informed it's "business as usual"
  2. As long as you're following the CLEAPSS precautions (inflate with a bike pump rather than by mouth, and under clingfilm to avoid risk of aerosolised bodily fluids), which is best practice regardless of specific outbreaks, I'd say you're fine carrying on as normal.
    There's no indication C-19's in local livestock AFAIK.
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  3. It's sold as human food so should be okay. The covid-19 is being passed between humans now and there isn't much here yet so should be okay...We still have hearts and lungs in the freezer form before it got to the uk so definitely okay!
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