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  1. If anyone finds my mind reading ability can they please return it asap. I've just nearly missed a meeting it crucial I attend and everyone else knew about, apart from me...o_O:rolleyes:

    Four years five months and counting....:D
  2. I have no idea where mine is either.

    God knows how long left and I think if I start counting I will go nuts! Well nutty than I am now.
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  3. I think i put my "mind reading" ability next to my "pooing miracles" ability!!!;)
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  4. Craig Astle

    Craig Astle Superhero in training

    I think my mind reading ability has been locked in the same cupboard as the teachers compassion and understanding for what we do for them. Its in the same room as the SLT understanding and appreciation technicians and the job we do.
  5. Mind reading is only of use if the other person is thinking, I find...
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  6. I'm afraid that I have to inform you all that Technicians having Mind Reading capabilities is an Urban Myth otherwise we wouldn't have so many clangers.:D:D
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  7. PhysicsSimon

    PhysicsSimon COMMITTEE

    To paraphrase Admiral Nelson (putting his telescope to his blind eye) "Clangers? - I see no clangers here!"

    (George - shhhhhhhh!!! ;))
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  8. I can't read their minds, but they somehow can read mine..............
  9. Here, there and everywhere Simon.:D:D:D