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Discussion in 'Australian School Science Technicians' started by Milo, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Thought I'd start this forum off with a simple thread for sharing resources you find useful.

    The Science Assist website has been very helpful since it started a few years ago, answering questions authoritatively and providing information sheets, guides, and procedures.

    LabNetWest is a site for independent school techs in WA specifically, but they still have guides and such that I've found useful.

    The book "The Laboratory" by Barbara Dungey has been a bible for me since starting this job, a great reference for basic skills and chemical handling. Here's one place to buy it:

    I've also come to rely on RiskAssess since the CSIS package keeps getting more and more out of date, and being an independent school we won't have access to the new version. It does risk assessments and an ordering schedule, but also up to date and quickly accessible chemical info and labelling. It's a yearly subscription but well worth it.
  2. Hi Milo how are you keeping? Its Labbie here, long time no hear?
  3. Good to see this forum available for us to use in Australia.
  4. Hi Everyone,

    I mainly rely on Risk Assess and "The Laboratory" if I need questions answered. Will be great to have a forum as well. When it comes to CSIS we have been very patient waiting for the update.

    Have a great day.