Lidl this week.....

Discussion in 'Top Tips' started by mike wilson, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Has boxes of 80 croc clips with red and black markers on the 4mm connections.
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  2. My mum works there too so staff discount and fresh sets of croc clips here I come!!:D
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  3. Just been and picked up a few boxes - handy to top up our stocks and good price. Thanks for the tip :)
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  4. Gadget

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    How much were they?
  5. £3.49 for a box of 80 - worked out cheaper than the prices I had seen online :)
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  6. is that with VAT? they are 7.68 without vat on rapid.
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  7. Yes with VAT - that's the price I paid in cash.
  8. And they seem to be of at least tolerable quality.