Lead shot serendipity

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  1. You can buy lead shot cheaper in divers pouches, ebay/amazon than from school suppliers.
    (1Kg for £11 vs 500g for £12.39) mine came in divers pouches from a diving shop.
    The divers pouches are v. useful for breaking up porcelain for the cracking experiment..
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    Could you attach a link please? :)
  3. http://www.deepbluedive.com/lead-shot-pouch-2kg.html sure, this is just a for example, not even on ebay just looking around....
    that's £10 for 1Kg. Timstar price is £8 for 500g... depends how much you need. I was asked to do an energy demo with a tube of lead shot so needed more. But now using it for the reactivity of metals experiment too...
  4. Why do you need lead shot? I thought we were no longer allowed to produce muskets to shoot our students with!
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  5. there is a practical in exploring science 9, each group needs 500g to shake in a meter long tube and measure the temperature change.

  6. Ah we don't do exploring science :D
  7. We did that years ago. If it was done as a class practical, I'd be concerned about the ammount of lead dust it produces.