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  1. Carol Taylor

    Carol Taylor Footsore

    All capitals, her spelling:
    My reply: You can have the bell jar but I don't understand the rest.
    Her reply: I had it last week... the 1litre bottles and the delivery stubs and kitchen basins for doing the vital capacity.

    I'm getting too old for this!
  2. o_O
    She's not even giving you any clues, is there a prize for guessing what she wants?

    I'm quite often surprised when Physics specialists think it's ok to ask for 'a large mass', or 'thick wire', or a 'length of string'.
  3. <--- Channeling Lloyd Grossman - "The clues are there..." ;)

    She says vital capacity so she's doing lung volume by maximum exhalation correct Carol?
    Stubs I suspect is an autocorrect of tubes? Delivery Tubes?

    As for the all caps well I'd tell her she can't have it if she can't ask without shouting..... :rolleyes:
  4. Dod


    To me a large mass is the 56 pounder door stop, thick wire is a length of arc welder to handle cable and length of string if they don't specifyis about an inch(imperial), 25 mm(metric) or with my Techy Dept hat on see below :)

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  5. Yesterday's request was "large filter papers, please" . At my previous place I had a small bottle labelled 'etc' with 3 small scrabble tile size squares with the letter E, T and C on them. When a teacher booked some equipment and put 'etc.' on I just put the bottle in the tray. Obviously I got the rest of the equipment ready but put it to one side. Miraculously the word 'etc' disappeared from requisition sheets shortly after. Fun, fun, fun. small things, small minds. Technicians 1 Teachers nil. I'll def use the length of string one in future.
  6. Requests for a large mass are replied to verbally with. I don't have one of those but you can have a long weight.
  7. Ha, I thought that was just me. I had a margarine tub labelled ETC which had all sorts of randoms in it: a lego man, rubber band, ping pong ball, a washer, um, etc.

    :) I like that.

    I was asked for 'conductive and non-conductive materials'.
    So, um, do you mean everything on the planet, or shall we narrow it down?
  8. I went to a science fair once where a small child told me that toy cars are made of a special non-conducting metal. I asked him if he thought the paint might play a part in this but he was certain it was special metal. As was his teacher...

    I have been known to ask what they want to conduct. But I would give them the tray of random "stuff" (not the word I usually use) which I keep for that sort of request. Last time I was asked for "conductors, insulators and power supplies" but it was rejected as they were doing a heat topic.
  9. Carol Taylor

    Carol Taylor Footsore

    Yes she wants the washing up bowls (kept for that purpose), 2l pop bottles and rubber tubing. I pity the poor teacher who's room she is going to be using.
  10. Carol Taylor

    Carol Taylor Footsore

    This week she asked for the skeleton (to be taken to a history room far far away) then phoned for totally different equipment as she had forgotten that she teaches physics to that group...... how far are we into term now?
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  11. Today I was asked for the 'iodine test.'; Beginning of week, 'Can I have a length of copper wire?'... or even better, 'That practical with squishy tubes.'
  12. I'm very tempted when teachers ask for a "long stand" not to just leave them at my prep room door:D
  13. Dod


    I kept a pair of pink Marigolds for when asked for gloves . . . . .
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  14. I have some as large as a dinner plate. I would have given over these :D
  15. Great minds think alike. He got the very same.
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