Lamps for microscopes


We have been using cheap goose-neck table lamps with our older microscopes, for illumination. They are heavy and cumbersome and are well past their best and I'm looking for an alternative.
Ideally something small with a white LED as the light source. Any suggestions?
I did find some LED lamps that replaced the mirrors a few years ago but I cannot find a link to where I found them.

Nick Mitchener

Those are very well made and remarkable value. The only issue we found was that the post is designed for their microscopes and may not fit yours. However it is easy enough to change by pitting a machine screw in as replacement post of a size that does work. Just hold it in place with a nut.

I developed this for here and SSS were kind enough to supply one for me to butcher. I got it to work fine with the idea yr6 could use them but in the end it was decided to use the standard illuminated ones instead as we have enough of those.