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  1. Good Morning,

    Does anyone use this? and what do you think?

    Any info would be great thanks.
  2. Fantastic - it's the best thing we've done in years. The list of positives is almost endless.
    Apart from the obvious benefits of having a system that all can see, we have set virtually all experiments up as templates using the exam board codes so a teacher just needs to start typing the code and a drop down of all the nearest experiments are offered - on picking the most appropriate all equipment required is already inserted for them so all they do is set the group, location and time. HODs can monitor very easily what staff are doing and whether they have ordered things within the set deadlines.
    Best thing is to get it as it is free for the first year - It is completely customisable to each schools needs - timetables, breaks, lesson lengths locations etc
    Ask any questions of me as you want.
  3. Here are some screen shots of our lablogger in action:
    The red background indicates a missed deadline ie late request
  4. Many thanks for your reply Peter!

    It looks great.

    We work on a three day requisition system. Example if a teacher wants a practical for Monday they would have to enter it Wednesday 9am. Practical for Tuesday, Thursday 9am can this be used with lab logger?
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  5. Ohhh I wonder if you can print them out too.

    Need to get the HoD on board with using this :D
  6. Its all online so they can request stuff from any computer, smartphone or tablet that has internet access - even from home (which is a disadvantage to us as they can ask for stuff on Sunday night for Monday morning - but you can set a deadline to stop that if you want).
    I print off a 'weeks view' on A3 to hang it up in the prep lab and print off each request to stick with each experiment package.
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  7. phone me to discuss - work phone number 01423 360913
  8. We use it to. Some of the teachers were very anti-lablogger to start with (usually the ones who are rubbish with IT and teachers get stuck in their ways!), but the HOD loved it and really pushed for it's use. Now I think everyone has taken to it and are finding it useful for planning etc. We've been using it for about 8 months now but will continue when we have to start paying because it's worth it. You can always sign up for a trial and get a couple of your keen IT competent teachers to try it.
  9. The HOD will love it if they are ok with IT - the best thing for them is they can see what everyone is doing and where they are on the syllabus so no need to pester them (unless they are falling behind). Quite happy to speak with your HOD on the phone if it will help
  10. I am really tempted to get this, I have a question if you don't mind?
    So all the requisitions and work schemes are linked? enabling teachers to see what experiments come with what lesson/equipment etc. Do your schemes of work have to be consistently the same? I ask this because we have 3 new Science leads that are constantly rewriting lessons and moving schemes around! (can you even imagine, yes we are stressed!) I am presuming this would be a problem with lablogger?
  11. The requisitions are only set if you use the relevant template but even if you do, each teacher can adapt/change it to suit their needs or they can just create one of their own from scratch which is what we did before we got all the templates installed. Honestly the system is incredibly flexible.
  12. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    Yes you can print out request sheets.

    Even our most reluctant IT using teacher is singing the praises of lablogger.

    We don't lock the timetable so teachers can add requests or move them around. We just ask them to e-mail us with changes and they mostly stick to this
  13. Use the 'alerts' tab and customise it so even if they don't tell you the system will inform you automatically of any changes even by email if you want.
  14. I switched to Lablogger back i september when my very senior tech was off sick and she liked paper copies handed in then hand written on a master.
    It seriously has freed up so much time and the teachers can see what everyone else is doing so there literally has been no clashes. It is a work in progress with adding equipment but doing the times and classrooms was a doddle. I haven't bothered to much with templates but overall everyone loves it.
  15. They'll love templates if you use them as it saves them listing equipment and all they do is insert group location and time. They can always add remove items if they want (the template will remain unchanged - just their request will change)
  16. How much set up does it take and what time of year would you recommend implementing it?
  17. Very easy - took me less than a morning to do. I did it last summer and just invited the HOD to use it, within a week they all wanted on-board and it has blossomed. Start now and run it parallel with the old system - pick one or two enthusiasts to start with - it's free for the first year!
  18. yes it can - doesn't stop them from posting late submissions but it shows up on a bright red background for all the department to see - they soon stop once they know everyone can see their late requests and HOD can monitor them as well.
  19. here is a page with a late submission:
  20. We've put inset days, sportsday etc on it as well so it flashes up when they try and order on thoses days with 'are you sure'.