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  1. The HOD has asked me to put in next years timetables for the whole department. This is 272 lessons that have to be entered individually. Surely there must be an easier way?
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    I'd like to know as well please. I have 350+ lessons to add equipment requirements for and think that separate templates are the way to go. Laborious, but I suppose a one-off and easier to update/alter in the future.

    At the moment I am transferring all stock, chemicals and locations into the Stock List and think I see light at the end of the tunnel.......a bit soul destroying though !
  3. Templates are great. Don't your teachers add their own requirements?
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    NOPE !!! Relatively new in this particular school. Previous system was each teacher do requests on their own 'template' spreadsheet and Tech copy-pasted them onto a 'master'. Prone to error, requests could be just for an experiment where you are supposed to know the requirements, and the copy-past took a couple of hours. And then needed checking.

    Wrote my own spreadsheet (have a strong Excel background) so that teachers all use the same spreadsheet with their own tab. Drop down lists for Year and the actual Lesson being delivered, whether a demo or practical and how many sets of equipment. Spreadsheet then populates a master sheet (each day , period and teacher) with the equipment requests for that lesson.

    Simples ?? Easier ?? If only......they are reverting to the ' should know the requirements from what I put....' To which I am flat out refusing. If not on the sheet, it doesn't happen.....

    This system saves literally hours per week with no errors - assuming the lesson resources are correct. No typing by anyone at all.....

    Having migrated (trained ???!!!) them to this system, I am now in process of moving everything to Lablogger , including stock and chemicals so that it can flag to the teacher immediately there is an equipment conflict (very regular here with a shortage of certain items) and stop the same lesson being run at the same time.

    To be honest, I would prefer to do the Templates myself and make sure they are accurate.......all the same is a lot of work, but will be good to be able to refuse requests that are late.....
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    I was in the process of making one up when I inadvertently left a part of my anatomy in a hospital so the expert pupil assisting me has gone and left so am beating my brains out trying to make exactly as you have described, would you by any chance be able to give me some clues on how to set up a spreadsheet such as yours.
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    More than happy to help. Need to just 'neuter' the names and can attach a copy of the latest 'development' file though I have no plans to develop it further as the additional functionality is in Lablogger (inventory checking) and writing the code would be longer than a data transfer.

    I would be happy to walk folks through it if that would help people. There are some aspect that are a bit 'Excel-ly' but straigh-forward when you've been shown through them.

    Would this be of interest generally ??
  7. That sheet sounds interesting @NTG so if you're able to share a template that would be great. We currently have a Google sheet where each teacher has their own tab to type their requirements in. My summer task is to figure out a version where they can select the lessons from a drop-down instead to speed the process up.
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    OK. Here's the sheet. I have left the names of the staff as I would need to show folks how to change these for when staff leave and new ones arrive. I have also left the master sheet unprotected (so you can see the formulas) but again you will need to be shown how to protect this sheet to stop the staff messing with it !! The data validation sheet is normally hidden , but has the lists needed for the drop down lists. Similarly the Equipment Lookup Development tab. This is where the equipment lists are. There are also hyperlinks to the Risk Assessments we use and the staff are deemed to have read them by use of the sheet.

    Have a play around with it and let me know what you think. I can likely do a daily 'training session' to guide folks around and how to change it for your needs if that helps ??

    Seems I cannot upload a Macro-enabled workbook (there is one small macro used to clear the drop down lists of equipment if they change the lesson)

    Is there a way to upload such a file - or would I need to send them to individual email addresses ???

  9. That drives me nuts!
    Just writing 'Properties of Waves', 'Magnetism and electromagnetism' etc, is not enough.

    "Oh I'm planning your lessons for you now am I? Not on my wage, ta muchly!" Not to mention, most teachers have their own favourite way of covering a topic.
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    SEEMS THAT YOU CAN UPLOAD A ZIPPED FILE !!! ENJOY - and let me know if you have queries......

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    NTG - I could kiss you.

    Had a quick look and you have it cracked, much better than my amateurish efforts.

    Great muckle thanks fae the north of Bonnie Scotland :):):)
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    You are very welcome. Play around with it for a while and I can then walk you, and others through it so that it can be customised for your lessons and equipment requests.

    There are a couple of things in Excel that have to be done a certain way else the spreadsheet will give you strange request lists.

    Do you think it would be an idea to put this in the forum more generally ??
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    Thanks again NTG

    First thing is to E-mail a copy to myself at home so that I can study it as the steam driven, locked down, paranoid computers supplied by our IT demons of the black arts up here will not let me do no more than look at it (and drool ;))

    Then ask for a new Win 10 compooter which will enable me to enter the 20th century ;)
  14. This is genuinely incredible, just what I envisaged having (one of those when I get round to it/if I can figure out how jobs)

    Thank you so much for sharing!
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    The more I look at it the more I am impressed.

    :) :) :D :D
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    Thanks. Should I set it up as a new and separate thread on the forum for others to perhaps adopt ??

    As I said, I will need to talk through certain aspects, so perhaps a separate thread would be a good place to keep all these observations and guidance ???
  17. Hello, I've showed a teacher your spreadsheet and she's amazed! But now struggling with replacing the practicals with our own. Did you end up making a new thread? Please could you share the tricks with us before Teacher pulls out all her hair!

    Thank you so much. I can't imagine how much work this must have been. It's so lovely that you're willing to share!
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    OK - let me set it up as a separate thread and we can then keep all the "How to....." items in a single thread ??

    I am sure it's useful for a number of folks as well.

    Replacing the practicals is straight-forward, but a multi-step process to also make sure the drop-down lists work properly. Would likely be better for me to go through things a step at a time for people. Am happy to keep on this over the summer break if needed so that folks can be ready for September ??
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  19. Why don't you just put the one whole school timetable in and then invite your staff to lablogger - Presumably their day of lessons and start times are the same so there is no need to put in individual ones. So only a bare blank school time table needs to be put on. The staff will populate it with their requests - advantages - far quicker to set up, everyone can see what everyone else is doing, it's only populated with current live requests, no unnecessary and irrelevant clutter just experimental requests and, the HOD can monitor all their staffs' requests on one page.

    Here is a week of lessons using only one lablogger time table (the school one) - you can see the labs and who is requesting' The next view is the day view from the same timetable
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    I am doing it this way too. Simpler for me and the staff. The workload is now for me to be getting the lesson 'templates' done as I want the system to check against stock levels to flag conflicts. I absolutely do not want to go back to the days of ".....displacement experiment...." being all the information the technician was given and having to look it up, the class, the room and the number of groups. What a nightmare that must have been (Yes, I flat out refused to do it that way on taking up the role !!!!)