Lab taps again!

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  1. Hi everyone, not long 'til holidays!

    In our labs we have those 'air-gap' devices to all taps. I can't remember if you are still allowed to attach tubes to the taps if you have the devices?
  2. Yes you can still attach the tubes. As far as I am aware they stop potential back flow into the water system.
    As long you have the air-gap thingys then you can still use them.
  3. be careful though. We had these at one of the schools i worked at and the pressure created when putting a tube on the tap sent the water spraying out the air gaps.
  4. The tubes work really badly on the taps. I've kept the device attached but removed the nozzle part which produces a better flow. Doesn't solve the problem of trying to connect condensers to them but apparently we are not allowed to anyway (would be illegal?)! - nor connect vacuum filtration pumps.
  5. We now use USB submersible pumps with our condensers, powered from a plug-top USB adaptor. There's a CLEAPSS document.