Justifying using my time working from home to train/learn online?

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  1. Considering my time with the agency will go beyond a year, I am now considering using this time working from home to learn more about being a technician (learning online).

    Is there anything structured I can look at to improve my knowledge? I've been a tech for nearly a year and was quite annoyed as now I won't be able to attend any courses (school won't invest in an agency worker).

    Also, I'm going to need some leverage as my HoD here seems to be intent on using the techs as her servants so I need to be able to justify (sound silly right?) this time investing in myself.

    My agency has said they will take me until September which may be related to either this situation or the change of academy change happening now.

    Many thanks :)
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  2. I would say there should be no need for justification at all, if its something you would do during a quiet time in work, its something you can do while at home.

    There are loads of online courses you can do from places like FutureLearn which offers free courses in various topics and a lot of them are tech related or can be related to improvements in the classroom.

    If you are in work still, with the kids off you can fire through a lot of the courses quite quickly, or if you are on lockdown you can do them at home too.
  3. I really don't think that you can learn to be a Technician through online courses JimBob. You can of course consolidate your skills when you have mastered. However the best way is to get some experience with a local Technician group. I hate to disappoint you JimBob but we are servants to the high and mighty.Be safe JimBob.:);)
  4. they are mainly teaching courses on FutureLearn, so you can skip some of the content as it is not relevant.
  5. Depends what one is asked to do..I got strict authority from my SLT boss to challenge anything deemed unreasonable after I was involved in an accident, and I'll be dammed if anything like that happens again my friend!
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  6. It should never have happened in the first place.
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