Jobs for when your quiet?

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Just wondering what you get up to when/if your 'quiet'?

    Had some practical cancellations and have already done organising various bits and pieces, but as my senior lab technician seems to be spending his time watching videos, it doesn't seem there are any other tasks I could get on with (as a trainee lab technician).

    Only problem is I hate sitting down for long periods of time!
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  2. Quiet?! What the heck is that?! :p:D We don't get quiet times, we are full-on all year round!

    My list of jobs that never get done though includes filing, repairs and maintenance of equipment, lab checks (checking labs have the correct equipment and gas taps, sinks, etc are in good working order). Tidying and putting away of previous lessons, stock checking consumables, and clearing out the fridge.
    I'd be amazed if there aren't job that can be done. Failing that if you're a new tech spend some time looking through the Cleapss website to see what you can learn.
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  3. Share any good ideas with the rest of us - or discuss any problem practicals
  4. Hi, I work as a Chem Tech so as well as doing lab checks and other jobs mentioned by Mandy, this year I am trialling A-level chem core practicals, making my own tech notes, taking pics of set-ups to help me be more organised for next year. Its very quite here as well but its a nice time to get the odd jobs done. :)
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  5. I can sympathise, I get a lot of quiet time that i would rather not have as I far prefer to be busy. It will get busy again after half term for me so this week I have used the time to prepare exercise books for Sept (hole punching, tagging, getting inserts copied, trimming and sticking them in), not the most technical of tasks but it saves all the faff in the first lesson back for teachers. Have also trialled a couple of practicals that are coming up, sharpened all the coloured pencils (someone has to do it!), made sure all the permanent marker marks were cleaned off all glassware, lab checks, updating inventory, for one teacher who asked I added up marks on test papers for lower school, calculated percentages and put them on the department spreadsheet. Maybe look at putting an annual stationery/consumables order together.
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  6. If I have time at this time of year I wash goggles, clean Bunsens, check ammeters/voltmeter batteries, bulbs, defrost the fridge and freezer. I make sure all of the chemical stock bottles are full and clean as well as the bottles that go out to classes. I check all of the equipment in each lab to make sure there's enough and that it's clean/intact and i wash out the trays/cupboards. It's mind numbing at times but these things have to be done and since i work alone i guess that's me :D I really don't know how some people get away with things - if I was sitting watching a video I'm sure my HOD would have something to say!
  7. Same here! He knows I'm quiet but still expects me to find useful things to do!
  8. Wanna write my final OU essay for me, its the last essay of this degree, and I just cant be arsed :D

    If you are bored have a read through some cleapss things, due to exams I cant get into the labs so I have been boring myself with admin stuff all week.
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  9. Or bending glass into delivery tubing, for next time one (or two ) break...Do an ad hoc SYC check... clean microscopes.. Always something fun to do!
  10. Whats "quiet"?
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  11. I know that 'can't be arsed to study' feeling well! What OU degreee are you doing? I really miss my studies (or is it just remembering it all through rose-tinted specs? :D)
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  12. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    We tidy and restock the labs, stock take, clean fridges and freezers. Repot plants, clean animal tanks, etc.

    Currently checking Cleapss for updated risk assessments on various whiz bang demos.

    Minor repairs, or throw it away? PAT tester guy is in so I might get some rejects from him

    Adding extra info to our Lablogger templates.

    Looking at one or two experiments to check for mismatches between what we supply and what the teacher thinks they are getting (mainly when scheme of work is updated, but haven't been informed)
  13. Usually start with giving the prep room a good tidy and going through all those things I have put aside in a tray to sort when I have time!
    I also keep a list of 'jobs for the summer' list that I add to throughout the year when I notice/think of something non urgent that needs doing but I don't have time to do there and then or needs to be done when the labs are empty.
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  14. ...and I've now shown the materials board thing from the top tips part of this forum- will get round to doing one of those when I can..!
  15. Baffled! Do none of your schools have an exam period?
    We do our checks year round so no big jobs or 'surprises for quiet times.
    I cannot believe none of you get quiet times quite frankly!
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  16. I’ve just finished reorganising and tidying the shelves of chemicals. If it’s quiet I also do things like wash glassware, tidy up equipment etc. Sometimes I’m the only one who does this but as I enjoy it I don’t mind!
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  17. I secretly quite enjoy some of my 'quiet time jobs' too- i find it quite relaxing to work my way through a pile of broken electrical leads fixing them.
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  18. I wish I was at that stage so huge congrats.. Just sent my EMA in for my last level 2 and dreading level 3 workload in October.
  19. What about the Ducklings you are raising? Surely you can never have a moment of boredom:p:p
  20. We move our puplis up to the next year now. So it all starts year 6 come up for an induction week too.