Is this a mercury thermometer?

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    Teachers are using this thermometer for a fractional distillation demo. There is some disagreement about what the liquid in the thermometer is. Could it be mercury? If not, what is it likely to be?
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    looks like mercury to me!
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  3. Yes Ophelia the shiny silvery tip is a giveaway - Mercury. We have Mercury thermometers but we don't use them as if they are broken you'll be crawling on the floor all day or maybe all week, with the Cleanup kit. Use the Kerosene ones instead. I'm glad you're still enjoying the role.:);)
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  4. Seconded
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  5. Thanks. You’ve confirmed my thoughts.
  6. Did I say I’m still enjoying it? :po_O
  7. Obviously Mercury. Just out of interest, what did the other person think was in the thermometer?
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  8. They didn’t know.
  9. If its silver its mercury if its red/blue/green its not :D
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  10. That's scary.:);)
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  11. Tell me about it.
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  12. More to the point, it's an entirely unsuitable form for the experiment. 50mm immersion means that the thermometer should be immersed up to that depth for accurate measurement. It's also rather short and lacking in depth of scale divisions.
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  13. Thanks everyone!

    We are all now agreed that it IS mercury :rolleyes: We’ve found some alternatives and will be ordering them soon.