Is the ether is making a comeback?

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  1. My Son at Uni (astrophysics), says the ether is making a comeback. Any thoughts?

    Turning this over in my head I wondered if the Michaelson Morley just proved what it wanted to. If gravity shapes space and space is the ether, might it stretch and shrink to make the results work. That is if the orbits are shaped by the curvature of space then the ether (space) is warped to make the results appear valid.

    Need a lie down now. Perhaps it was Esher football team that was on a comeback and he misheard.
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    Nope. Been disproved many times. Get him to do some research !!
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    Thought Ether was banned from education though maybe not in Uni. ;)
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  4. Not here, I have a bottle. :confused:
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    There is a difference between the liquid/chemical "ether" and the theoretical proposed 'ether' in the Michelson-Morley experiment designed to see if there was a variation in the speed of light depending on the direction it was measured...….there isn't !
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  6. that is spelt aether
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    Quite !
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    I saw a headline in New Scientist (I think!) that said it was making a comeback the other day
  9. Sometimes the fabric of space-time is loosely described as such in order to explain things like frame-shifting which acts according to the geometry of space-time in the same way as an aether (of completely different properties to the previous type) might. Sometimes, quantum descriptions of how the fabric of space-time arises from the morass of particles is loosely described as an aether, but these are loose analogies rather than actual descriptions. New Scientist is renowned for blowing these things up as they're reliant on listening to scientists talk and pick up some of the colloquialisms they use.
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  10. Oh absolutely!

    (No idea what's going on...)
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    That sounds like Star Trek speak to me.
  12. Really? You never studied Muon Induced Quantum Space-Time L.O.L String Cheese Theory at school?
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    ha ha ha......if you want a definitive answer.....try this weighty tome.....

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    karen b COMMITTEE

    All I know is I've heard there are Eddies in the space-time continuum
  15. Say "Hi" to Eddy if you see him.
  16. and a sofa?
  17. To put it more simply, sometimes scientists say things to avoid using long words and start sounding like they're saying something else (in this case the aether), when this happens, people latch on to what they think the scientists are saying rather than the more complex things they are actually saying.
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    Quite like politics then......except with FACTS that can stand up to scrutiny !!!!