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  1. Hi all

    Just wondering about what to do with this. I have a test tube in which FeS has been made (plugged with mineral wool), it also has traces of sulfur stuck to the side of the tube of course. I have read on the hazcard that FeS can be disposed in the bin, so was just going to put the tube in broken glass bin.

    I also have another tube where the inside surface is coated with mainly sulfur powder as I mixed the Fe and S in this tube, but cannot get the sulfur powder off the sides. I understand that excess sulfur needs to be collected for registered waste disposal, so don't really know what to do with my test tubes.

    What do you guys do with excess sulfur in small amounts / how do you clear up this practical?

  2. Hi Kyle,

    I would avoid trying to react with acid as gives off sulfide gases- toxic.

    I would refer to the MSDS from your supplier, however all the MSDS I have suggest not allowing to enter natural waterways, but to store in a container for chemical disposable (Section 6.3)

  3. Hi Louis, you attached MSDS for iron sulfate not iron sulphide (already seen in cleapss hazcard that this is low hazard, and I doubt very much that iron sulphide is commercially available).

    I was more interested in what to do with very small amounts of sulphur stuck in a boiling tube.

    Thanks anyway!

  4. My oh my...... I should go to specsavers! :cool: :D "I can see clearly now the rain has gone"..feel free to sing along!

    Here is the correct link....section 6.3 as mentioned!

    However, if very small trace amounts on boiling tubes I would just place some 0.5 NaOH in the tubes to form Iron Hydroxides and Sodium Sulphide, (both of which are water soluable). I would then dispose off down foul drain diluting well with water, and rinse boiling tubes well.

    Any remaining stains should be able to get rid off by soaking in some hydrochloric or nitric acid.
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