Ionising Radiations Regulation 2017 (IRR17)

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  1. Has anyone managed to post their details on the HSE website for registration/notification under the above? The new regs come into force on 01/01/2017 and compliance (notification/registration) needs to be done by 05/01/2017. As far as I can see, the portal for registration/notification is still not yet live.....
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  2. I havent tried yet, I think you mean 2018?
    And according to CLEAPSS we have until Febuary..
  3. I thought we had until February too. I had kittens for a second then!
  4. When I read it, it said that registration opens in January 2018 and has to be done by February, which I thought was a bit of a short timescale
  5. Deadline in February 6th. The website won't be live until January.
  6. ok, it is January. Is this thing live yet? I have looked at the HSE page we were sent and there is no link mentioned on there
  7. I have emailed HSE as I can't find the registration link anywhere.
  8. apparently it was supposed to go live this morning but technical issues have delayed it until lunchtime
  9. The registration is mentioned in the CLEAPSS Spring bulletin which is available to download on their website now. There isn't much extra information yet, but it does say that advice will be published soon and they recommend reading it before registering, so might be worth holding off until then, even if the system does go live this afternoon.
  10. So far it couldn't find the school from the company number or name and postcode is there a guide for this, are we classified radiation employees?
  11. No we are not. The CLEAPSS guide gives you step by step advice on filling it in.
  12. Thanks, I hadn't seen the update, now just need to find the school credit card.
  13. We have done ours now, couldnt find the schools DoF/Charity/Business number so had input all if that but otherwise quite smooth and painless :)
  14. I'm going through it with the health and safety manager next week. Glad to hear it's painless!
  15. _Comparatively_ painless.

  16. Did ours yesterday morning with our H&S officer. Pretty simple even Baldrick could do it! The CLEAPSS leaflet did help you through it and explained it. Thanks CLEAPSS.
    Mind you appears to me to be another "stealth" tax for schools. What will be next a charge for using turnips in the school canteen!
  17. I have just contacted CLEAPSS. If your school is under a Local Education Authority, they are the employer and it is their responsibility, not each individual school. I have just spent a full day reading documentation, but at least it's a weight off my shoulders...
  18. Thank you for posting this, I had been wondering as we are a LEA school. It was on my 'to do list' to sort this out. I started reading all the information and all of the employer/ employee responsibilities confused me and I realised I was going to have to sit down when I wasn't busy and read and understand it properly. The problem comes with the 'not being busy'.